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Kim Chambers is a life-long Missoula resident. She is a second-generation Building Contractor and Developer, who has over 31 years of business experience in the private sector.  Kim also serves Montanans through her advocacy to fight for affordable homes through fighting restrictive regulations and working with neighborhood communities.  Kim believes that Business Sense is Common Sense!

Kim is an avid outdoors woman who loves to fish, camp, big game hunt and bird hunt.  She values public land space and respects private ownership rights.  She believes there are needs for protection with management.

Kim’s personal life has been filled with her service to non-profit organizations locally, statewide, and nationally.  Always a dedicated mother, Kim was the first to sign up on classroom activities and sports team help.  From Camp Fire Brownies to Hellgate Football!  No matter what the class or team needed, she was there.

Kim brings passion to this election, wanting to serve Missoula County and its citizens. During the Covid outbreak, as our Montana State Building Representative, Kim rallied by continually contacting our Governor, US Representative and US Senators.  She successfully urged them to consider that residential and commercial construction was an essential business.  Essential because it housed the people of Montana and provided hundreds & thousands of jobs throughout the state.  She is willing to bring a business sense of reason to the deficiency of work-force housing and logical taxation to the county of Missoula.        


How I plan to Build A Better Future

STOP Unfocused Spending
Transparency & Accountability
Making your voice heard
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