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These graphs represent the over-spending our County and City officials have done over the past years. This is the passion that drives me to run for County Commissioner. I want the opportunity to work for the citizens of Missoula County that live, work and play here in a compassionate and fiscal way.  

taxation vs affordable housing

Missoula has the highest tax rate of any city in Montana. On September 8th, 2022, The Missoula County Commissioners enacted a 10 percent tax increase to all households. Meanwhile, homeowners and renters are already experiencing record inflation and having difficulty making ends meet. Affordable (attainable) housing for our community can't happen with higher taxation: 

  • High taxation will drive retirees, who are on a fixed income, out of their homes. 

  • Rental rates in Missoula are at an all-time high. Higher taxes and fees directly affect rental rates charged to tenants. 

  • The new tax increases will prevent 15 percent of potential homebuyers from being able to qualify for a home purchase.

  • Homebuyers that were qualified for their home purchase based on lower taxes and services, now face difficulty being able to afford their payments. 

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